wave upon wave of shallow songs filled with lazy lyrics, self-obsessed personas promoting degrading content, and manufactured marketing schemes designed to sell records, I am creating authentic hip-hop music with an uplifting and honest message.

In other words, my music takes you deeper.


I don’t care if you hear my music–

the second it hits your eardrums

you become an active participant in the completion of my art. The rhymes I write and the way I rap them are meant for you– to embolden you, to encourage you, to challenge you, to inspire you.

And the way I do that is by being honest and transparent, writing music from my heart and from my experiences-unfiltered, unapologetic, and unmanufactured.

My journey started with self-doubt.

In this Live Acoustic version of “Forward”, I invite you down to the crossroads I was at five years ago. Birthed out of a conflict with my friend, myself, and ultimately my God, this song epitomizes the perseverance needed to fight for your dreams and your future.

“We moving forward
towards the light,
through the darkness,
through the night..”

Part of the darkness is the noisy world in which we live. There’s perpetual stimuli everywhere we go, constantly tugging our attention in the wrong direction. Whether it’s in the media, politics, the arts, or even our own minds,

We are constantly being preached to.

And what seems to be the sermon is “bigger, better, faster, stronger–all right now!” This fast-paced, rush-rush, production-driven mindset has created a busyness and anxiety that stains our culture.

This song changed everything.

I was sure I had the direction for the album nailed down. But then, one morning as the lyrics of "The Human Race" ran through my head, a new vision surfaced that perfectly encompassed the recurring themes in my writing.

It was robust, but simple.
Personal, and relatable.
Vulnerable, yet powerful.

“but the more they producing,
the more we consuming,
the more we consuming
we fueling the war for our
affections as humans
cause when it refuse to fulfill
we just end more fuming–
material warfare in the air
polluting everywhere,
better strap on a gas mask
wearing that battle gear–
Welcome to the
American atmosphere."

— Join me in this fight to —

fuel the right fires.

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